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Family. Love. Betrayal. Lies.

7 Stories Of Life & Love

"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else".

Booker T. Washington 


Unleashing the Artist in You

Dance Editorial Presents A Buildabeast Experience: BABE X DEFY 2019

We are proud to bring you the biggest names in dance right to your doorstep:


Janelle Ginestra

Will "Wildabeast" Adams

PLUS 3 more IMMBEAST faculty members



Click below for all the details!!  


Rehearsals for our 2019 MOVIE are in full swing! Click below to find out more about our 2019 production.

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See For Your Self What Everyone Has To Say About Our Productions

“I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your production on Saturday evening. The quality of dance and theatrics was pretty amazing. I’ve seen, and been involved with, plenty of dance performances both in Sydney and NYC. Yours was very admirable all round!”

“Wow, that was some performance last night watching Dance Editorial’s production, 7 Vices! The level of talent in this production was outstanding, I was stuck for words (very rare) and tears were shed.” “The dancers showed that they were also artists, actors and athletes by giving it 110% on stage. I have honestly never seen anything like it! It was truly an inspiring experience and I would recommend anyone to attend further production!”

“By far the best dance show I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in Melbourne in the past few years, the talent on stage, choreography both intensity and artistry was incredible and something I highly suggest everyone had seen it.”

What a welcome surprise. A group I had never heard of, dancers and choreographers whose names were unfamiliar – and they turned out to be smart, well produced and very entertaining.

Shannon Hsu, the producer and director of Love is Love, is also a teacher. She started Dance Editorial as a blog to promote appreciation and inspiration among performers of the edgy contemporary dance you might see in musical theatre and shows: hip-hop, breakdance, fusion and dancehall. - SYDNEY MORNING HERALD

“I chose to take my 9 year old daughter to have a little Mother Daughter time and we both thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The dancing was fantastic and I really appreciated the quick ‘editorial’ video before each scene to provide a little more information on the plot. My daughter was overwhelmed during the performance; enjoying the experience, the dancing, lights, music and everything the night entailed.  The show was well thought out, the dancing varied over both Hip Hop and Contemporary styles which made it more interesting and highlighted certain points. The scenes each conveyed a different message and the finale brought everything together nicely with a great finish and a good ‘takeaway’ message for viewers. Together we had a wonderful night and can’t wait to experience another Dance Editorial production.” Lorraine Salvi – Mums Delivery



"I wanted to write  to you last night. Lex, my mum and I have not stopped talking about last nights performance. We are so sad

it was a one off for us.

You must be spinning at

how successful and brilliant your show was.

The choreography was ridiculous and the cast was



The staging, makeup,

hair costumes music the list

goes on.

I don't know what we were

expecting but this was

quite seriously the best dance theatre experience any of us had attended and

we love going to see dance



I actually can't find the words to express how

magnificent the show

was. I know I am blabbing and I am sorry but I had

to express just how blown

away we were with the show.

We need more :)"

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”


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