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Dance Editorial is proud to present a year long training program like no other! 

We believe there is room in the industry for non certified, non traditional training program option, for dancers looking for the next step in their professional training and a career in the dance / entertainment industry.

As always, like we have done from the beginning of Dance Editorial, DE PRO will be focused around health and wellness for our dancers and our core teachings focused around training the human as well as the dancer in all of us. While always keeping exceptional mentoring, training and industry expertise and opportunities at the forefront of our programming. 

The DE PRO difference:

- Our Core Focuses


o   Mental, Emotional and Physical Health and Wellness

o   Industry Ready

o   Training

o   Business

o   Mentorship


- Project Based / Real Industry Experience Based Learning

o Create 4 shows a year 

- 3 Days A Week And Not 5 Days

o   This will allow you to audition, hold a job, earn and save money, and create a balance of; work, training, personal life and self-care.


- Non-Certified Course

o   We have chosen for this course not to be certified so we can curate a program that aligns fully with what we want to teach our students, our values and programming.

o   Allows us to do it over 3 days, instead of 5 days.

o   Makes our course affordable.

o   Allows us to focus in on our key teachings and training goals.

o   If you wish to obtain a Certification IV in Dance, DE PRO is the perfect extension of your training just prior to or after your full time certified course.

- Work Experience And Work Placements - Real life industry experience

- Your Hip Hop Show For The Year Will Be Performed In LA

o   Your Contemporary / Jazz and Musical Theatre shows will be in Sydney

o   Your Hip Hop show will be in Los Angeles

o   Your trip to LA will consist of training in LA and working with our friends, Immabeast and creating a show over in LA.

Be a part of the innovation, for a full breakdown of the program we are offering for 2020, email us for a prospectus.

Application And Audition Dates 

- 16th of May -  Online application open

- Applications are open and will close once course is at full capacity

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