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Dance Lifestyle Channel 

Dance Editorial TV is the latest innovation by Dance Editorial. In our continued pursuit to inspire, support, celebrate and unite our dance industry, DETV is dedicated to bringing our audience the best content of the dance world and the lifestyle surrounding it.


Get the inside scoop on everything dance from; tutorials, lifestyle, industry mentors, dance culture, events and more. We will be bringing it all straight into your living room, bedroom, dance class, bus ride... wherever... whenever!


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Lifestyle Channel

Our Lifestyle Channel will become your weekly obsession, we promise! This channel, is all about the lifestyle of a dancer and everything dancers love; fashion, food, exercise, make up, hair and everything in between. 

Tune in to each episode as we bring you the latest in fashion trends, makeup, hair tips and tricks, and show you how to look incredible for your next audition or party. Plus, we will show you the perfect exercises and how to cook delicious meals, to keep you fit and healthy.

Dance Culture Channel

Dance is more than moves... each move, each style, each dance, is ingrained in history and culture. Dance is so much more than choreography... it's about telling a story, and it's about those stories living on, in the form of dance, for generations to come.  

Get ready to be educated, to learn new styles and have your mind blown, as our Dance Culture Channel brings leaders, mentors and innovators of different dance styles, to train, educate and inspire our viewers.

DEFY Channel

DEFY = Dance Editorial Fearless Youth! As the name suggests, this channel is all about the next generation; getting to know them, from where they train, to their favourite dance moves to their favourite outfits! 

Helping them kick goals, showcasing them to the world, and celebrating who they are, not only as dancers but as fearless youth.

Most importantly, DEFY is about the next generation of dancers inspiring and supporting each other.

Dance Industry Channel

Our Industry Channel will be your cheat sheet for everything you need in order to thrive in the dance industry!


Each series will educate you on a different aspects of the industry; the business side of dance and the practical skills you need. Join us, as we give you direct access to industry leaders and educators.

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