DE Tribe - Training Academy 

Be A Part Of Our Tribe 

Our DE Tribe consists of a selection of our incredible dancers whom we have had the honour and pleasure of working with and mentoring via our PPDC & JDDC programs, both past and present. 


DE Tribe Training Academy is via invite only! 

What Is It 

What Is It 

2 days of weekly training - 5 hours in total - where the dancers will participate in open class styles training on day 1 (2 hours) and on day 2 (3 hours), be mentored by one of our 8 mentors for the year, for 5 weeks at a time. 

We always endeavour to train our dancers in versatility, so all DE Tribe dancers will be mentored in multiple styles by industry leading choreographers / mentors. 

Our DE Tribe Academy mentors are more than amazing dancers, and exceptional choreographers but are also special human beings with exceeding knowledge, advise and mentorship to offer our DE Tribe dancers. 

DE Tribe will work towards a yearly show. 

DE Tribe Academy dancers are 100% allowed to still be training / be a part of their own dance studios. In fact we ask that they only train with us if they are able to commit to their current studio as well as DE Tribe Academy for the 2 days or are currently not a part of a dance studio / school.

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