7 Vices

7 Stories Of Life & Love

7 Vices will explore how the deadly sins are in fact human emotions, and how those emotions affect us in life and love. 

As humans we feel Wrath at the death of a loved one, we consume and use each other with our Greed, and depend on the validation of others for our Pride. 

Join us as you are taken on a journey into the true nature of human beings via relatable and honest stories and we find out if as humans, we can over come and find peace even when we feel the overwhelming power of the vices we all posses. 

Show Synopsis

Dance Editorial’s production of 7 VICES will tour in September and October this year in Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, the Central Coast, and Canberra. It will feature a cast of both young and adult dancers and will be choreographed by 7 of Australia’s talented and sought after female choreographers, from 3 different states. The young dancers, in particular, will consist of 7 protégés chosen from our Pre-Professional Dance Course for our Sydney shows and via audition in each other city, the production will tour.

We are creating this dance production from a unique perspective, under a creative and choreographic team made up entirely of women. The concept behind the production is utilising the idea of ‘vices’ through dance to convey real human emotions. The production will focus on stories portrayed through dance and will be split up into seven segments, so each choreographer will be able to showcase their talent and creativity.

Our production strives to empower women in the industry as well as in the wider community, and we aim to provide work for dancers and choreographers all over Australia.

We have partnered with White Ribbon Australia and will be donating $1 from every ticket sold to the organisation to help in the fight to combat the issue of violence against women in Australia and to raise awareness of support networks available to those affected.

7 Vices will showcase multiple dance styles; Hip Hop, Dance Hall, Jazz and Contemporary, so there is something for everyone!

We open in Sydney on the 1st of September 2016! We hope to see you there!!

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